High Impact Presentations for
Technical Professionals

Scientists, chemists, engineers, and other technical professionals are called upon more and more frequently to make presentations to non-technical professionals or to experts in other fields. They have to know both what they’re talking about and how to talk about it in a way that captures people’s interest and understanding.

Not only must they have effective presentation delivery skills, they must also be able to present their information as a compelling business case as they deliver presentations to senior executives, potential investors, and boards of directors to secure funding for their projects.

Technical professionals can use the experience and skills they already possess -- their intelligence, mastery of the subject, and determination to “get it right” -- to give winning presentations…if they make a few fundamental shifts in their approach.

As a result of this learning experience participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the differences between technical and non-technical audiences, and know how to meet each group’s needs
  • Understand the key components of a business case executive summary presentation.
  • Use time-saving techniques to prepare their presentations
  • Use analogies and stories to make complex information familiar and relevant
  • Translate jargon into language that any audience can understand
  • Design and use visual aids (like PowerPoint) and handouts to capture and hold their audiences' attention
  • Handle questions with confidence


  • The critical elements of an effective technical presentation
  • Body language speaks louder than words
  • Prioritize, simplify, and clarify material for each audience
  • Explaining is not the same as communicating
  • Visual aids and technology presentation aids
  • Q & A sessions

Engineers, scientists, IT professionals, and others who give technical presentations to technical and non-technical audiences.

Participant comment from this workshop:

Just wanted to let you know that based on the confidence I gained in your class, I scheduled an appointment to follow up on the science education fund-raising idea. I think I didn't do it earlier because I was afraid I would have to give a presentation. As it turned out, no presentation needed so far, but I was able to make my case over the phone, and the project is moving along! I also agreed to be a guest speaker at the school where my husband teaches, and am actually looking forward to it somewhat.

Allegra J. Helfenstein, Contracts Attorney
Molecular Probes/Invitrogen Detection Technologies

Participants are asked to complete a pre-class assessment and come to the workshop prepared to deliver a brief presentation. This program accommodates up to 8 participants.

One and two-day formats available

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