Presentation Skills Intensive

Effective presentation skills are critical for success in business today. Whether in meetings or formal presentations, business professionals are required to speak with confidence and credibility, however, many have not had any education or instruction in how to deliver effective presentations. Many professionals feel fear and anxiety about the process and in fact, they may try to avoid giving presentations because of the stress that the assignment causes.

This interactive workshop creates a “safe” environment in which participants deliver short presentations, build effective communication skills, and receive supportive coaching and feedback. They learn the fundamental and advanced skills to successfully deliver presentations that focus on the needs of their audiences. Videotaping allows participants to see their presenting strengths and challenges.

As a result of this learning experience participants will be able to:

  • Present a more confident and professional image
  • Use their voice, body language, and gestures for positive impact
  • Use a presentation preparation process and structure
  • Target their presentation to their audiences’ needs and interests
  • Successfully manage a Q & A session
  • Develop and deliver a team presentation
  • Effectively utilize a/v and visual aids
  • Developing vocal awareness
  • Body language speaks louder than words
  • Techniques for managing nervousness
  • Determining the presentation objective
  • Analyzing the audience
  • Essentials of effective team presentations
  • Guidelines and tips for using technology

Business leaders who need to deliver a clear, effective message to a variety of audiences.

Participant comment from this workshop:

The Speak for Success class was extremely beneficial for me. While I felt like I did have some skills going in, I was often nervous and realized that just the experience of getting up in front of you and the class helped me start to overcome that fear.

I really learned in your class that being prepared and practicing are invaluable but sometimes you have to wing it and it is important to be able to overcome the nerves and deliver when need be. 
I would come to the class again and will contact you should our staff need your help in the future.

James Lynch, VP National Sales, Action Sports Group

Participants are asked to complete a pre-class assessment and come to the workshop prepared to deliver a brief presentation. This program accommodates up to 8 participants.

Two days

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