Executive Presentations Coaching

Executives need to project confidence, credibility, and professionalism when they speak at meetings, conferences, to investors, employees, and the media.

Of course, what they say is important and is often a carefully crafted message---but even more critical is how they say it. And, unfortunately, how they deliver the message usually does not get as much time and attention when preparing for the event.

To help Executives look and sound their best we provide Executive Presentations Coaching. These are one-on-one sessions that are designed to provide coaching and feedback to help fine tune delivery skills and build confidence.

My presentation went extremely well.  The President of Gen-Probe shook my hand and told me "good job" and that it was obvious how much work I put into the program. My boss came by afterwards and told me how well I did and that she was "so impressed".

So thank you for all your help!  It worked!

Denise Anderson, Senior Manager

Presentation Coaching Process

1. Observation of a Presentation

A Speak for Success presentations coach will observe your live presentation. A review meeting is held to debrief and communicate both your strengths and areas that can be improved so that you can have a more positive and powerful impact. Recommendations will be made for future presentations and practice.

2. Presentation Rehearsal

You'll come to our office and deliver a prepared presentation.

Our presentations coach will help you:

  • Clarify the presentation purpose and your objectives
  • Use your natural communication strengths and personality
  • Develop awareness of the non-verbal signals you are sending
  • Effectively use PowerPoint and presentations technology
  • Develop and speak from a presentation outline

Coaching and Feedback Process

  1. You will rehearse your upcoming presentation and we will videotape you.
  2. We’ll review the video together.
  3. We'll comment on your communication strengths
  4. We'll look for the one or two things that you can change/reduce or add so that you can have a better connection with your audience, project more confidence, and have the impact you want to!

I am giving presentations with much more confidence thanks to our sessions. 
As a matter of fact in February I gave a presentation to about 100
employees and it went very well. 
My boss told me that he saw a huge difference in my ability

Steve Matthews, Enterprise Software Sales

Executives, managers, team leaders and those intending to be.

Sessions are customized to the needs of our clients and can be added on to a training program or delivered in a series over time. San Diego sessions are delivered in our office in Sorrento Valley. Presentation observation is available outside of San Diego.


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