Presentation Development: PowerPoint 101 & 201

The standard presentation technology for business communications is Microsoft PowerPoint. Today it is expected that business professionals are PowerPoint proficient. They need to be able to edit and customize existing presentations and develop new presentations quickly and with style. In these hands-on workshops, professionals will learn how to use PowerPoint for effective presentations.

Business professionals will be up to speed in a day!

PowerPoint 101
This course teaches busy professionals how to create successful PowerPoint presentations.

As a result of this learning experience participants will be able to:

  • Create a new presentation from beginning to end
  • Manipulate an existing presentation
  • Format text slides
  • Add tables to a presentation
  • Add charts to a presentation
  • Add images to a presentation
  • Modify graphic objects

PowerPoint 201
Learn to use PowerPoint features that draw, animate, and format presentations with professional-quality content such that it can be communicated to live, remote, and self-service audiences.

As a result of this learning experience participants will be able to:

  • Create a design template
  • Create organization charts and diagrams
  • Add special effects to a PowerPoint 2003 slide
  • Create a web-based PowerPoint 2003 presentation
  • Use a PowerPoint 2003 presentation for collaborative workgroup review
  • Use functionality to deliver live, self-service, and online presentations

Business professionals who need to upgrade their PowerPoint skills.

On-site computer lab required. These programs can accommodate up to 10 participants.

One day

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