High Impact Presentations
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Business professionals today must move their audiences to take action by creating and delivering high impact and effective presentations. Whether in sales, marketing, operations, or R & D, presenters need to be engaging, persuasive, and focused in their presentation delivery. This course is aimed at experienced presenters who want to add energy and vitality to their presentations.

As a result of this learning experience participants will be able to:

  • Project energy and confidence throughout their presentation
  • Build rapport from the start of their delivery
  • Deliver persuasive presentations that move audiences to take action
  • Use stories to better engage audiences
  • With their audiences’ needs in mind, systematically prepare for presentations
  • Use a presentation template when developing a presentation
    to deliver to senior executives
  • Successfully manage a Q & A session
  • Utilize PowerPoint effectively as a presentation support

Business leaders and professionals with presentation experience who need to deliver a persuasive presentation to senior management, prospects, and/or clients.

Participant comment from this workshop:

I learned the difference between speaking as a product manager and speaking like a CEO.

Product Manager, Molecular Probes Invitrogen

Participants complete a pre-class assessment and come to the program prepared to deliver an executive summary presentation. This program format gives each participant one-on-one coaching with an instructor and live videotape review. By using the video review, participants can make improvements right away and see their results. They will be able to take home a record of their progress at the end of the program.

Two days

Meet Dana Bristol-Smith
Meet Dr. Chris Witt

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