Essential Communication Skills for Managers


Let’s face it, part of a manager’s role is having tough conversations. When there is bad news or change, these conversations should be delivered directly and respectfully. Important as these types of communications are, they are frequently not handled well.

These tough conversations can be an opportunity to show appreciation, build morale, and help people positively move through challenging times and situations—if your managers have the skills.

Essential Communication Skills for Managers is a hands-on program designed to impart and refine these skills in both spoken and written communications. We’ve designed an easy-to-use tool, our Communication Circle™ to organize information and make it easier to deliver the communication directly with empathy and respect.

During this highly interactive program, participants will practice developing and delivering written and spoken communications.

As a result of this learning experience, participants will be able to:

  • Get right to the point without alienating the listener or reader
  • Save preparation time by using our Communication Circle™ tool
  • Choose language that is customer-friendly, and conveys
    empathy and respect
  • Use vocal tone and body language that matches the message
  • Manage anxiety and nervousness when delivering critical information
  • Create the most positive results possible

Managers, supervisors, and team leaders.

Participants are asked to send sample documents to the instructor several weeks before the session. Course materials are then customized from the sample documents. Each participant receives their documents back at the workshop. This program accommodates up to 16 participants and is facilitated by two instructors.

One day

Meet Dana Bristol-Smith
Meet Stephanie Eubanks

Participant comment from this workshop:

I have been to so many workshops, and in general feel like it was time that could have been better spent. But this was different. I enjoyed the workshop very much, and will be recommending the program for future training, along with implementing some of the very valuable tools that you provided for communication. In fact, I will be presenting some of these tools to the H.R. group on Monday. So, thank you again for the opportunity to learn some very effective communication techniques, and hopefully improving my abilities of delivering bad news for good results.

Pam Millan, Human Resources Manager
Maxim Pharmaceuticals


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