Business Writing Skills for Professionals

Every business communication you write makes a statement about you and your organization. Are you writing clear and effective memos, emails, and proposals? Are busy professionals able to read and understand your written communications quickly?

This "hands-on" workshop will teach you how to write anything right the first time. We'll give you practical skills and tools you can use every day to improve email, letters, and reports.

The results include:

  • Better relationships with your clients
  • A more professional image for your employees and your company

The workshop also offers the long-term benefit of helping you become a better writer with each document you write.

After class, you will continue to improve your ability to:

  • Get the response you want
  • Get the desired response quickly
  • Spend less time writing

As a result of this learning experience participants will be able to:

  • Get right to the point, whether calling the reader to
    action or sending information
  • Use a professional, customer-friendly tone
  • Improve grammar and punctuation
  • Explain ideas clearly and concisely
  • Follow email etiquette
  • Know how and when to use active and passive voice
  • Choose the best words for successful letters and e-mail
  • Control and vary sentence length
  • Measure the grade level, % of passive voice, reading ease, and average sentence length of any document

Everyone who writes on-the-job e-mail, memos, letters, or reports

Customizing is a special feature of Speak for Success writing workshops. All training materials are from participant's business documents, for your company's specific writing needs. Accommodates up to 16 participants.

One day

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