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High Impact Presentations

The Speak for Success class was extremely beneficial for me. While I felt like I did have some skills going in, I was often nervous and realized that just the experience of getting up in front of you and the class helped me start to overcome that fear.

I really learned in your class that being prepared and practicing are invaluable but sometimes you have to wing it and it is important to be able to overcome the nerves and deliver when need be. 
I would come to the class again and will contact you should our staff need your help in the future.

James Lynch, VP National Sales, Action Sports Group

Just wanted to let you know that based on the confidence I gained in your class, I scheduled an appointment to follow up on the science education fund-raising idea. I think I didn't do it earlier because I was afraid I would have to give a presentation. As it turned out, no presentation needed so far, but I was able to make my case over the phone, and the project is moving along! I also agreed to be a guest speaker at the school where my husband teaches, and am actually looking forward to it somewhat.

Allegra J. Helfenstein, Contracts Attorney
Molecular Probes/Invitrogen detection technologies

Something that I have realized that is interesting is that good presentation skills help you ALL THE TIME, not just when you are presenting. Interacting with your boss, the people that work for you, the people you work with, etc, etc.

David Vaughn, Portfolio Manager, Nicholas Applegate

Powerful Presentations for Sales Professionals

This was an excellent way to focus on our strengths and improve on our weaknesses! By observing others you can learn so much.

Sales Rep, Pfizer

Very helpful session to sharpen the saw - I recommend it for other teams.

Sales Manager, Pfizer

Delivering Bad News for Good Results
PIHRA one hour interactive presentation

Delivering Bad News for Good Results was a hit with our professionals! Dana Bristol-Smith’s delivery was top-notch., She was clear and concise, and her style engaged our large audience exceptionally well.

I felt that the "communication circle" tool that she provided was an excellent way for us to organize our thoughts when preparing to give bad news.

I would highly recommend Dana for any speaking or training opportunity!

Kathy A. Shute
PIHRA Programs Chair
District 14

I have been to so many workshops, and in general feel like it was time that could have been better spent. But this was different. I enjoyed the workshop very much, and will be recommending the program for future training, along with implementing some of the very valuable tools that you provided for communication. In fact, I will be presenting some of these tools to the H.R. group on Monday. So, thank you again for the opportunity to learn some very effective communication techniques, and hopefully improving my abilities of "delivering bad news for good results."

Pam Millan
Human Resources Manager, Maxim Pharmaceuticals

Present With Power
Delivered for Regional Training Center full day workshop

I want to thank you for the excellent work you have recently done for the Regional Training Center. You have brought creativity, skill, and solid information to each of your presentations.

I was particularly impressed with the evaluations from the workshop you did for our Master Instructor Development Program. Participants are law enforcement instructors who are in a year long advanced program and are a "tough" audience. You won them over completely with your professionalism, competence, and sense of humor. All the participants commented on the value of your workshop to their growth as instructors.

Thanks again for your efforts - we look forward to working with you on other projects in the coming years.

Michele Thompson
Training Director

Trainer Tune Up:
Tune Up So Your Learners Don't Tune Out

San Diego ASTD half-day workshop

From the President:

This workshop was of extremely high quality. The participants expressed a great deal of enthusiasm during Dana's presentation and gave both Dana and the topic very positive reviews in their evaluations of the session.

The effort and willingness that Dana demonstrated in order to make this contribution to the training and organizational development field was of great benefit to our chapter and the community, and did a great deal to advance our member's learning. The San Diego Chapter of ASTD owes Dana a significant amount of gratitude for this highly positive contribution.

Mary Heikkinen
President, ASTD San Diego

Participant Comments:
Human Resources & Training Professionals

Dana used her knowledge with fun and structure including everyone and bringing out the greatness in all people.

I learned so much in 4 short hours. Dana was very generous with her materials and info. I appreciate so much the resources. Dana is an excellent trainer.

Dana is excellent! Let's have her again. She would also be a good presenter at a monthly meeting.

Excellent group interaction. Great presentation of an extremely extensive topic.

Tune Up Your Presentations
So Your Prospects Don't Tune Out

Women's Referral Network

On behalf of Women's Referral Network I'd like to thank you. It was a delight to have you speak to our group. Your presentation was a valuable topic that will help all of us feel organized and grounded while publicly speaking. We all enjoyed the group interaction while we learned to be more relaxed and confident when we give a presentation.

I wish you much success in your business as you help others with their speaking challenges.

Heather Benson


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